Buying an apartment in the Kalevi Maja is transparent and comfortable. Our consultants arrange all the technical aspects and support you during the whole process. The buying process is divided into three stages.

Reservation agreement

Upon request, a reservation agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the Seller for up to three months. Upon entering into the reservation agreement, the Buyer pays a reservation fee of 5000 EUR.

Contract under the law of obligations

After the signing of the reservation agreement, the buyer and seller conclude a notarial contract of sale, and the buyer pays 15% of the total cost of the purchased property (apartment, storage space, parking spot).

The reservation fee is refunded to the buyer.

The buyer must pay the notary fee and state duty costs upon signing the contract of sale.

Real right contract

Upon the completion of the apartment, a property transfer agreement is signed, and possession and ownership of the apartment are transferred to the buyer. The buyer pays 85% of the cost of the purchased property to the notary's escrow account before the transaction takes place.

If the buyer acquires the apartment with a bank loan, it is possible for the bank to pay the purchase amount in the size of the loan amount on behalf of the buyer, after the signing of the property transfer agreement.

At the moment of acquiring the apartment, the seller clears all loans and mortgages taken out for the development of the apartment building from the purchased apartment.

The price of the apartment includes

  • Water supply and sewerage connection fees
  • Connection to the district heating network
  • Equipped according to the specification of construction materials and equipment
  • Interior finishing according to the package offered by the developer and chosen by the buyer

The price of the apartment does not include

  • Notary fees related to the purchase and sale agreements of real estate, possible notary fees for the establishment of a mortgage, state fees payable at registration
  • Speech and data communication, fee for a cable TV connection
  • Parking space
  • Storage
  • Furniture shown as an illustration in the plans
  • Lighting fixtures within the apartment (except in the bathroom and toilet)
  • Security service


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