Technical information

Kalevi Maja to be completed in September 2025 is designed by the top firm Kauss Arhitektuur and it meets all modern homeowners’ expectations.


The building is built on piles. The facade is covered with a brick motif in a plaster system, which is illustrated by visually effective arch motifs. The building is built with a monolithic concrete slab for the plinth and first floors, and solid concrete blocks on the following floors.

Exterior walls

The exterior walls are insulated with polystyrene foam, ensuring thermal conductivity Umin=0.14 W/m2K. Inserted and roof ceilings are made of hollow-core slabs.

Inserted ceilings

A sound-absorbing layer is installed on the load-bearing inserted ceilings and a concrete subfloor is poured. The balcony is made of concrete, and there are wooden terraces on the first floor.


The load-bearing structure of the roof is hollow-core slab, and polystyrene foam Umin=0.1 W/m2K is used for thermal insulation. The roof covering is a two-layer SBS bitumen roofing.

Energy class

Energy class A Electricity-generating solar panels are installed on the roof.

Interior walls

Double-structured walls between the apartments ensure soundproofing of 55 db. Non-load-bearing interior walls are partitions with a painted single gypsum board on a metal frame which are filled with mineral wool for sound insulation purposes.

Windows and doors

The windows and balcony doors are high-quality wooden windows of the German type with a triple glazed unit, which meet the increased sound insulation requirements. The external doors are fire and soundproof wooden doors. The apartment doors are connected to a staircase door, a lock core ASSA or Abloy. As the floors are higher than usual, the doors are custom-made with a height of 2.3 metres.

Plinth floor

Parking spaces are located on the plinth floor and the entrance is from Juhkentali Street. The car gate opens automatically. In addition to parking spaces, there are storage rooms and utility rooms in the basement. The roof top of the parking lot and the yard are covered with grass, and the approaches are asphalted.


The walls of the staircase are plastered and painted. The handrail of the staircase is made of metal rods, and barriers are provided with handrails made of metal. In front of the staircase, there is a recessed shoe scraper. Mailboxes are installed next to the main door. The concrete floors of the basement and stairwells are finished with a dust barrier, the lightweight block walls of the basement are painted.


The heating temperature of the building is controlled by the district heating unit located in the utility room of the building. The apartments are provided with underfloor heating with adjustable wall thermostats. There is a separate heating circuit and thermostat for each bedroom and bathroom. The solar panels will be installed on the building.


Apartment-based heat recovery ventilation units will be installed. The buyer will install the kitchen hood.

Interior doors

The interior doors are smooth and painted, with a door handle shown in the interior finishing package. The interior doors are higher than usual at 2.2 metres high.


The bathroom includes a toilet bowl with a recessed frame, a sink and a faucet, and a shower glass wall and shower faucet, which is shown in the interior finishing package.

Interior finishing

You can choose between 3 interior finishing packages. The ceilings and walls of the apartment are painted and the floors of the living quarters are covered with a one-strip veneer parquet. Ceramic tiles are installed on the floor of the hallway, on the floors and walls of the washrooms. Floor and door strips of matching colour are installed.


Rainwater is collected with the aim to reuse it for watering.


The construction guarantee of the building is 3 years.